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updated 11:50 am EDT, Fri August 24, 2012 | Posted in Apps

Transmit 4.2 ($34) - Transmit is an FTP client that can handle files transfer and sync operations via several protocols, including FTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3. Version 4.2 addresses some graphics issues related to Retina displays, and adds support for Notification Center. The update is also restricted to integrated graphics on supported MacBook Pro models and no longer autofills user's e-mail address for eList signup. [Download - 27.8MB]

Sandvox 2.6.5 ($80) - Sandvox is a website creation tool that features a drag and drop based interface. The software requires no previous HTML coding knowledge, and includes features for creating blogs, photo galleries, and more. The v2.6.5 update fixes problems with publishing by FTP under OS X Mountain Lion. [Download - 31MB]

Picturesque 2.4.2 ($15) - Picturesque can help users optimize their images for placement on the web. A number of image effects such as, 3D perspective, reflection, and stroke are included, along with the ability to batch process images. Full OS X Mountain Lion compatibility is offered in the latest release, along with improved Retina support and other minor bug fixes. [Download - 5.1MB]

AKVIS Sketch 14 ($72) - AKVIS Sketch is a tool for turning digital images into realistic color and black and white sketches. The software is capable of imitating graphite, color pencil, charcoal, and water color painting techniques. Version 14 introduces a new Timeline feature that creates stepwise shots during image processing, and allows users to choose any or all of them to save. Numerous bugs have also been resolved. [Download - 45.9MB]

Clarify 1.2 ($30) - Clarify allows users to quickly turn screenshots into editable documents. The latest release integrates with Evernote, allowing users to create, update, and organize notes directly within Clarify. Team members are also now able to update a Clarify document through a web browser, even if they weren't the one to originally upload the file. [Download - 17.1MB]

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