Drive Genius, RipIt, Cocktail

updated 11:07 am EDT, Thu August 16, 2012 | Posted in Apps

Drive Genius 3.2.1 ($99) - Drive Genius is a storage management utility that features a number of tools for optimizing and repairing hard drives. In v3.2.1, the DrivePulse feature automatically performs software update checks allowing users to receive update notifications even when the software isn't running. Animations are also now automatically disabled upon first launch on OS X Mountain Lion due to several issues that cause Drive Genius to crash. [Download - 15.2MB]

RipIt 1.6.6 ($25) - RipIt is a tool for extracting and compressing movies files from DVDs. Users can choose to rip the entire DVD, including extras, subtitles, and alternate tracks, or to create a compressed video file that saves space. The v1.6.6 update addresses a number of bugs. [Download - 8.5MB]

Cocktail 6.0.1 ($14) - Cocktail provides users access to some of the more advanced functions within the Unix Shell. The software features are organized into five categories, while the Pilot-mode will automatically scan a system and perform any necessary maintenance routines. The latest release addresses an issue that could prevent Cocktail from emptying the trash, as well as a problem with scanning preference files. A number of improvements have also been made to the Pilot scheduler. [Download - 2.2MB]

Tagalicious 1.5.5 ($15) - Tagalicious is capable of automatically finding the right information and tags for songs in a user's iTunes library. After scanning a library, the software will add any metadata it finds, such as track names, album art, and lyrics. Version 1.5.5 includes numerous minor bug fixes. [Download - 4.5MB]

Sketch 2.1 ($50) - Sketch is a vector drawing application that has been designed to be simple to use. The latest release has been optimized for Retina displays and offers improved rendering quality and speed of inner shadows and glows. The accuracy of working with small layers has also been improved, and layers can now sit between pixel boundaries. [Download - 9MB]

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