FotoMagico, Hazel, Toast Titanium

updated 11:15 am EDT, Mon April 30, 2012 | Posted in Apps

FotoMagico 3.8.5 ($30) - FotoMagico is a tool for creating slideshows with personal photos and music in only a few mouse clicks. The software includes a variety of transitions, including panning, zooming, and scaling. Version 3.8.5 addresses a bug that caused images to disappear in exported movies if slide and transition duration were the same. All sharing plug-ins will also now automatically open a file panel to let users choose a file destination, and several small bugs in the iMedia Browser have been resolved. [Download - 61.7MB]

Hazel 3.0.5 ($25) - Hazel monitors a designated set of folders and automatically organizes files according to user created rules. The update re-introduces "enclosing folder" as a destination for move/copy operations, and has fixed an issue with tokens inserting at the end instead of the insertion point. Growl support has also been improved among other minor bug fixes. [Download - 5MB]

Toast Titanium 11.0.6 ($100) - Toast Titanium is a tool for burning CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs on the Mac. The software includes a number of tools for burning projects, including SonicFire Pro 5, HD video authoring, video format presets, and more. The v11.0.6 update resolves several localization issues, as well as a compatibility problem with video files that were exported to the PS Vita format. [Download - 87.3MB]

Tidy Up! 3.0 ($30) - Tidy Up! enables users to search for duplicate files and packages while utilizing various filters. Version 3.0 features a brand new interface, as well as tools for finding duplicate folders by content and only searching through preferred playlists and albums. The update also allows users to compare only the representation data of images, and to display results as either a list or grid. [Download - 11.6MB]

AudioFinder 5.5.4 ($70) - AudioFinder is an audio asset management system and music production hub for Mac OS X. A new preference that allows users to relocate AudioFinder's application support folder has been added with this update, along with an option to disable file management warnings. The update also includes a new text field for typing tags in manually. [Download - 12.5MB]

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