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Briefly: Pebble Time in mass production, Sharp produces Roku TVs

05/06, 3:18pm

Pebble Time enters mass production, software improvements detailed

The Pebble Time has entered mass production, the company has announced. In an update on the recent Kickstarter page for the smartwatch, shipments of the devices are expected to start from mid-May. As for the functionality of the smartwatch when it arrives, Pebble advises the new timeline interface, expanded app storage, a new Sports app, and voice replies to Android notifications will be available from day one. Planned future software updates will introduce the option for voice responses to Gmail notifications in iOS, a voice notes and stocks app, an album art view for the Music app, and a weather watchface.

Daily Deals: Acer Aspire Switch 10, Gear Pro, Planetary Annihilation

05/06, 1:30pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for May 6, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the column which features a list of the best online discounts, sales, offers, and bundles for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Today's recap of still-active deals from Monday and Tuesday are joined by a new wave of offers, including an Acer Windows tablet and keyboard dock for $200, cheap Gear Pro action cameras, and a "killer" games bundle that includes Planetary Annihilation

Apple plans late June launch for revamped iTunes, despite obstacles

05/06, 12:48pm

Company pushing forward despite reports of record company reticence, federal investigations

Speculation and unconfirmed reports have run rampant over Apple's progress in its effort to revamp its iTunes music services, with recent reports suggesting the company may have difficulty hitting its planned June target for formally introducing both a revised Music app for iOS in the forthcoming iOS 8.4, and a significantly revamped iTunes Radio and Beats Music streaming service designed to compete with Spotify. Various reports, however, claim obstacles -- ranging from music label reluctance to federal investigations.

Feature: Apple's 'discoveryd' failure in Yosemite and iOS 8

05/06, 10:22am

A widely reported bug in new Apple hardware and software remains unfixed

Through all of Apple's patches for OS X 10.10.3, and the iOS, one core networking service remains problematic. At the heart of Apple's networking is the "discoveryd" routine introduced in the latest versions of the OS which drives how OS X and iOS 8 locates and resolves network connections to other devices. However, the new iteration replacing a much older service is causing problems with Bonjour, fouling DNS resolution, and generating a host of other problems for many users, which can be exacerbated by the number of modern OS X and iOS devices on a network, making it a major problem for Apple faithful.

Consumer version of Oculus Rift VR headset will arrive Q1 2016

05/06, 9:48am

First Oculus VR release for consumers will be tweaked version of Crescent Bay prototype

The team behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has confirmed a consumer-grade version is on the way, though it will not arrive this year. The Facebook-owned company will be shipping the first consumer edition of the head-mounted display in the first quarter of 2016, with pre-orders for the long-awaited device set to begin sometime later this year.

Briefly: ResearchKit DNA apps, OpenTV sues over video patents

05/06, 9:02am

Researchers work with Apple on DNA testing app for evaluating genetic traits

A leading research and academic technology review publication has revealed that Apple is working with researchers on building DNA-testing apps using ResearchKit, the company's API for medical research software. The apps would require volunteers to submit DNA samples, helping scientists at institutions such as UC San Francisco examine the causes of premature birth by studying genetic factors, while another study will look at disease-connected genes gathered through the study.

T-Mobile attacks Verizon with 'Never Settle' 14-day service trial

05/06, 8:25am

Verizon subscribers offered free 14-day trial of T-Mobile service with loaned smartphone

Following the success of the iPhone 5s Test Drive promotion from last year, T-Mobile will be offering something similar to potential customers currently subscribed to Verizon. The "Never Settle" campaign will provide Verizon customers the ability to try out the carrier's network and service, by borrowing a smartphone from T-Mobile for two weeks at no charge.

Hands On: Wear Reader 1.1.0 (Apple Watch)

05/06, 8:06am

Read books on your Apple Watch, if necessary

You're going to end up reading more on your Apple Watch than you imagine. Yes, you're just supposed to glance at it to see who's sent that new email but, come on: you'll scroll through reading it all. The screen is more than good enough that you can do this and you simply will. What you may resist more is the notion of reading an entire book this way. That's what Wear Reader wants you to do. One quick word at a time.

Cox launches Gigabit Internet service in Arizona, California, Nevada

05/06, 7:06am

Work on Cox network infrastructure could lead to Gigabit Internet expansion this summer

Cox Communications is catching up with rivals Google Fiber, Comcast, and AT&T in offering gigabit Internet to more of its residential customers. Initially announced a year ago, the company's "G1gablast" service has gone live in parts of Phoenix, AZ; Orange County, CA; and Omaha, Nebraska, and Las Vegas, NV, earlier than the initially anticipated launch by the end of next year.

Opinion: Is Microsoft Continuum a game changer for Windows phones?

05/06, 7:05am

Desktop-style apps on mobile unlikely to woo switchers, but still points new direction

Although Microsoft is lagging as very distant third in the smartphone space, it has not yet given up on the hope that it can eventually gain some market traction. At its Build developers conference last week, the Redmond software giant revealed the shape of things to come from its smartphones in the near future. The most intriguing features demonstrated for Windows 10 on smartphones was Continuum, its new desktop mode for a smartphone connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Although it hasn't been revealed in its final form, Continuum promises to reconfigure a Windows 10 smartphone interface on-the-fly so that users can interact with its apps in a desktop environment much as they would do with a PC. Is it a game changer?


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