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Briefly: Nest Thermostat software update, Verizon creates data gifts

11/25, 4:06pm

Nest updates Learning Thermostat to be more accurate, efficient

Nest has started to roll out an update for its Learning Thermostat that promises to make the heat management device more useful. Arriving to all generations of the thermostat over the next few weeks, the update will in theory help heat the home closer to the temperature set by the user, as well as improving the efficiency of multi-stage heating systems, along with changes to the Time-to-Temperature, Early-On, and Heat Pump Balance functions to make them more precise.

Apple enterprise marketshare recovering after annual slip

11/25, 3:36pm

New products, led by iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, provide small boost

The annual refresh cycle that this year introduced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, along with the enterprise-oriented iPad Pro, has given Apple's gently-falling enterprise marketshare a boost ahead of the holiday buying season, with the iOS platform accounting for 66 percent of enterprise device activations in the quarter ending September 30 -- a rise of two percent from the quarter before, according to new statistics from BlackBerry's Good division (formerly Good Technology).

App Update (OS X): Alfred, BetterTouchTool, Annotation Edit, more

11/25, 3:05pm

MacNN's OS X App Update for Nov 25, 2015

App development has taken off in the last few years, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the latest versions. To help all of you out, we here at MacNN are dedicated to sorting through new update releases, and highlighting some of the important ones, as well as showcasing apps that we find to be interesting. Today, we bring you Paragon's, now free, NTFS driver for OS X Yosemite and earlier, and also highlight recent updates to Spotlight alternative Alfred, system utility BetterTouchTool, subtitle software Annotation Edit, duplicate file finder Tidy Up, note taker Mach Note, and music creation software Splice.

OWC Thunderbolt 2 Drive Dock allows for up to 522MB/s read speed

11/25, 3:05pm

Fan-less dock features internal power supply, no brick needed

Other World Computing (OWC), announced the availability of the OWC Drive Dock, a new docking station that allows creative professionals and other users of large amounts of data to easily hot-swap, and quickly access, store and transfer information from bare SATA drives. The OWC Drive Dock is compatible with both Mac and PC systems, and provides two drive bays that each can accommodate either 2.5- or 3.5-inch drives.

Wednesday's Daily Deals: 24-inch Dell monitor, Blue Yeti, Apple TV

11/25, 3:00pm

Online deal highlights for November 25, 2015

The pre-Black Friday sales are well underway, and we're seeing some all-time low prices on tech favorites! We're continuing to curate the best deals on technology for you in this busy time, and hope you've saved a few bucks this year. Most of yesterday's deals are dead, but we've moved the very few intact ones to today. They join new additions for today including a fourth-generation Apple TV for $116, a Blue Microphones Yeti USB mic for $85, and a 24-inch 1080p Dell monitor for $100.

Hands On: LexisGoo 4.8 (iOS)

11/25, 2:35pm

Great content, not great design

In full, this is the LexisGoo English Dictionary & Thesaurus 4.8, and now you know just about everything. While you can always ask Siri to define a word, or you can easily search online for a definition, having a dictionary on your iPhone is quicker than either of those options. It's also better for that extra use of a dictionary that online can't match: the ability to lose yourself looking up one word, and heading off across hundreds of others you notice.

Apple reveals new holiday ad, 'Someday at Christmas'

11/25, 1:17pm

Stars composer Stevie Wonder, singer Andra Daye

Apple has revealed its 2015 Christmas ad, titled "Someday at Christmas" after a 1967 song by Stevie Wonder, on its YouTube channel. The spot stars Wonder and singer Andra Daye, who duet on the piece while portraying an African-American family at Christmas, with kids running around and holiday decorations deployed. Unlike most recent Apple ads, the TV commercial does not feature any product or service, though Wonder, who has been blind since early childhood, can be seen mixing the track on a MacBook, using VoiceOver in Garageband.

Apple, UnionPay reportedly agree on Apple Pay deal for China

11/25, 1:04pm

Preliminary agreement could lead to Apple Pay working on 5M UnionPay terminals

Apple is reportedly close to securing a deal with a Chinese card payment processor, which will help it launch Apple Pay across China. It is claimed Apple has reached a preliminary agreement with UnionPay, allowing Apple Pay to function through more than 5 million NFC-equipped point-of-sale terminals in the country, simplifying the rollout of the service and giving Apple a considerable head start for its expected February launch.

Pointers: using Extensions with programs in OS X

11/25, 12:39pm

Bring extra power and pleasure to two OS X favorites

Back in the System 7 and Mac OS 8 (and 9) days, the word "extensions" brought a love-hate relationship to mind. Those extensions (small "e") or QuarkXpress' Xtensions (no "e") added powerful new abilities to the OS, but also brought with it the aggravating (and highly likely) possibility of "extension conflicts," due to the bolt-on nature of the extensions back in the day. Hurray for the wonderful world of the future, where Extensions are still add-ons that bring new abilities, only they are much better behaved now.

MacNN Deals: Learn to code, entertain yourself over Thanksgiving

11/25, 11:21am

Coding courses, photography assistance, TurboFlix on offer from MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today, we're listing a few offers that can help you occupy your time over the next few days, if you want to avoid the Thanksgiving festivities, including app development courses, tuition on photography, and some light entertainment.

Hands On: Medibang Paint 6.0 (iPad)

11/25, 11:15am

App attempts to recreate the feeling of desktop artist programs on iPad

We're back with another art app for those of you who are still Goldilocksing their way to the perfect tool, trying to find the perfect balance between enough options and not too many options, one that has great tools, and works with the type of artist you are. Today, we're here to show you the illustrator-centric Medibang Paint, an app that attempts to give you the feel of a full art program in your iPad.

T-Mobile offers Sprint customers $200 bonus to switch carriers

11/25, 10:03am

First carrier attack of T-Mobile Un-Carrier Unwrapped campaign targets Sprint

T-Mobile is offering Sprint customers an extra $200 on their account if they switch carriers. The second "gift" announcement in the Un-Carrier Unwrapped campaign, T-Mobile claims it will provide a credit of $200 per line switched over to a Simple Choice postpaid plan from any Sprint number, including prepaid and postpaid plans, as well as those on Boost and Virgin Mobile, with the limited-time promotion starting from tomorrow.

Utility smackdown: Keyboard Maestro vs TextExpander

11/25, 9:49am

Two expensive apps, both alike in dignity

We have had rubbish smackdowns before. Really rubbish ones where if we didn't end up recommending every single thing in the fight, it was very close to every single one. It's not that we're too nice, though: it's that we pick excellent hardware and software for these smackdowns. This time, it's one on one. Mano a mano between two apps that have a lot in common and of which neither is so cheap that you'd buy them on a whim. It's Keyboard Maestro 7.0 versus TextExpander 5, both for OS X.

One More Thing 14: Except in Nebraska

11/25, 9:02am

What to get the person who has everything but doesn't listen to OMT

We've been checking our lists twice, chiefly because of syncing issues, and you know how it is. Christmas expands to fill the space you have and nature abhors a news vacuum so in what continues to be a quiet week, One More Thing decks some halls. Wait, is that Christmas or Thanksgiving? It's some holiday or other and we're after celebrating all of them because it's a Grade A excuse to discuss some of the finest technology around.

The Big Deal: Parallels Desktop 11 in the Premium Mac App Bundle

11/25, 8:18am

Upgrade or buy Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac and get extra apps

Every so often, MacNN finds a deal that is too big or important to go into our usual deal lists, and is deserving enough to be highlighted in its own Big Deals post. Today's highlight is the Premium Mac App Bundle from Parallels, which offers seven apps or premium services for free when customers buy or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac.

Opinion: Things about the iPad Pro that are evading people

11/25, 8:03am

The iPad Pro is the future of mobile computing -- get used to it

It surprises me that a lot of people have been quick to highlight what they think are apparently major shortcomings with the iPad Pro, seemingly writing it off before most of them have even seen one in person. While it may or may not be another hit product from Apple, there are a couple of aspects about it that have been widely misunderstood. One centers around the question of whether or not it is a genuine notebook replacement, and the other centers around its "inability" to run full desktop versions of apps, like Adobe Photoshop, for example. Have people learnt nothing from Apple's recent history?

Hands On: Hootsuite 2.9.2 (iOS)

11/25, 7:21am

A dashboard for all your social media

You do spend far too long on Facebook -- hang on, we've just had a friend request -- and Twitter, and we have absolutely no problem with that. Well, time spent reading what your friends are up to is great, it's far quicker than phoning them up, or actually going to see them. Equally, reading the news on Twitter, or writing some brilliantly witty tweets, that's great. It's all the other faffing about, getting oneself to read and to write, that bothers us -- and that is where Hootsuite 2.9.2 comes in.

Apple confirms acquisition of motion-tracking startup FaceShift

11/25, 7:01am

Facial motion tracking company bought by Apple for unknown amount

Apple has confirmed it has acquired a Swiss facial motion tracking startup, a purchase that was rumored to have taken place in September. FaceShift, a Zurich-based company responsible for some of the motion capture technology used for visual effects in the latest Star Wars movie, was purchased for an undisclosed amount, with several of the startup's employees now working for Apple on the technology while remaining in Europe.

Forums: iPad and Paper, iPhone, iPhoto and more

11/25, 5:49am

iPad and Paper, iPhone, iPhoto and more

This week in the MacNN forums, members discussed topics ranging from using the iPad with the Paper app to problems importing photos to an iPhone. This week the conversation continued in a thread titled "How to use Paper on iPad" which delves into the topic of using the iPad to create digital art.

Apple deals: Macs from $419

11/25, 5:45am

Macs from $419

At Apple's online store today save big on refurbished Macs. Prices start at $419 for the refurbished Mac mini with a 1.4GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive, now $419 after an $80 price cut. A $140 price cut is available on the refurbished MacBook Air with a 1.6GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 158GB hard drive, now $759.


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