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Jawbone delays shipping Up3 fitness tracker until early 2015

21 minutes ago | Posted in: gadgets

Jawbone will be missing out on the bump in revenues from holiday sales of its new flagship product entirely, it has been reported. The Up3, launched at the start of November and originally set to ship before the end of the year, will instead be delayed to early next year, thanks to delays caused by a number of manufacturing issues.



Amazon Prime Now offers one-hour deliveries in Manhattan

1 hour ago | Posted in: industry

After experimenting with same-day deliveries in a number of cities, Amazon is now increasing the speed of delivery for some customers with the launch of Prime Now. The new service, launching in Manhattan today, will let Prime subscribers place orders for thousands of essential items, and receive the delivery on their doorstep in an hour or less.



djay Pro for Mac brings four decks, Spotify, high-level processing

1 hour ago | Posted in: software, audio

Algoriddim has launched djay Pro, a new Mac edition of its typically iOS-based DJ software. In its new incarnation the app supports up to four simultaneous decks, rather than two, and can draw music not just from a local iTunes library but from Spotify, thanks to a partnership with the streaming music service. It also exploits Retina displays and multi-core 64-bit processors; on a 12-core Mac Pro, the app can handle up to 24 processing threads at once for track analysis.


iOS apps: Drafts, Procreate, FX Photo Studio

1 hour ago | Posted in iOS apps

  • 9.6MB

    Drafts 4.0.6 ($5)

    Drafts is a mobile text editor that allows users to quickly take notes and share text. An extensive list of output options lets users send text to Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messages, a Calendar event, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Version 4.0.6 reintroduces the Today widget, which now features the addition of recent drafts. A “New from selection” option has also been added to the document creation options, and a display issue in the drafts list has been addressed.

  • 64.2MB

    Procreate 2.2 ($6)

    Procreate is an iPad painting app that features 48 different brushes to choose from. The software runs on the 64 bit Silica engine and includes support for canvas resolutions of up to 4096 x 4096 on the latest iPad models. The latest release includes a new Palm Support feature that allows users to rest a palm on the iPad screen, without affecting the work that is being done with a stylus or finger. AirDrop and AirPrint are also now accessible from Procreate through iOS 8’s sharing features, and files can now be exported and imported to and from iCloud Drive.

  • 39.3MB

    FX Photo Studio 6.3 ($1)

    FX Photo Studio is a mobile image editing application that features numerous filters, high resolution support, and built-in sharing with numerous social networking sites. This holiday update includes some major performance improvements, a couple of new features, and bug fixes. Within the update users will find new holiday tickets, new text labels, and a fix for issues with masking and the color splash tool on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

  • 13.5MB

    Google Maps 4.1.1 (free)

    Google Maps can be used to find directions to locations around the world. The app includes full voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking, complete with lane guidance. Live traffic conditions and incident reports can also be found within the app. The latest release offers automatic re-routing when a road closes on the original designated route.

  • 253.4MB

    Monument Valley 2.2.3 ($4)

    In Monument Valley players must guide a silent princess through a number of impossible architecture structures. Each level has been inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions, and palaces from around the world. A navigation bug in Ida’s Red Dream has been resolved with this release.


Job listing points to global Apple Pay growth, starting in Europe [u]

2 hours ago | Posted in: Apple

(Updated with Chinese job listing) A new job listing indicates that Apple is actively working on expanding Apple Pay worldwide, beginning with Europe. The company is seeking an Apple Pay intern who will work with a London-based team. The listing states that Apple Pay is "set to expand across Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa," and that the London group will collaborate with "issuers, payment networks and merchants across Europe."



Briefly: Drafts regains widget, Continuity Activation Tool update

2 hours ago | Posted in: upgrades/storage, iPhone apps, Apple, iPad apps

Drafts 4, a note-taking app for iOS, has received an update, bringing back its Notification Center widget that was axed by Apple earlier this month. The widget allows users quick access to simple tools for opening up the app and create a new note. Drafts v4.0.6 also includes a "New from selection" option, found within the document creation options, as well as URL action steps now having "URL encode tag output" option. Improvements to background refresh and sync handling are also present in the update. Drafts 4 is priced at $5, and requires iOS 8.0 or later.



Hands On: Moxie 2 (iOS)

3 hours ago | Posted in: gaming, iPhone apps, iPad apps

Word games have been around for a very long time. Most people grew up playing Scrabble or Boggle, and many have moved on to similar games like Words with Friends. The one thing most word games have in common is that they require, at minimum, two players. But now there's Moxie 2, by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd, a intuitive single-player word game.



Apple to charge VAT per-country at European App Stores

3 hours ago | Posted in: developer, Apple

Apple has sent an email to iOS developers, notifying them of a change to the way it handles VAT (value-added taxes) at European App Stores. Currently the company charges a single VAT rate across the European Union; soon, though, it plans to charge on a per-country basis. The change is due to take effect on January 1st.



UK carriers agree to £5B investment to improve mobile phone networks

3 hours ago | Posted in: industry, mobile phones

A suggestion by the British government has prompted carriers to improve their mobile networks. EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three have all agreed to collectively invest at least £5 billion ($7.8 billion) into a program to improve their mobile networks across the United Kingdom, in order to avoid being forced to implement a proposed "National Roaming" scheme.



Hands On: Mazec – Handwriting Input Method (iOS)

5 hours ago | Posted in: software, iPhone apps, iPad apps

People must really dislike Apple's on-screen keyboard for iPhones and iPads, because the instant we could try alternatives, we got alternatives. Some seem different for the sake of being different. Some, like TextExpander's one, add useful new features -- yet take away some of the usability. But then you get the odd keyboard like Mazec, which tries to offer a true alternative. Rather than typing, you scribble with a stylus -- if you've got one, and haven't lost it -- or with your finger.



Review: Dell AD211 Bluetooth speaker

10 hours ago | Posted in: audio

For all of the high-priced, over-engineered Bluetooth speakers in the electronics market, there is still room for mass-market solutions. While consumers often compromise in battery life, design or sound, the sub-$100 market offers a wide array of choices. Computer builder Dell entered into the Bluetooth speaker market with a value model, looking to entice consumers with a long battery life and compact, minimal design. But is the Dell AD211 a good buy for consumers looking to get the most out of their money, or does it fail to meet modest expectations? Find out in our review.



Tim Cook: Apple World AIDS Day campaign raised $20 million

11 hours ago | Posted in: software, accessories, audio, iPhone apps, Apple, iPad apps

In a memo to all employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the recent (Product) RED campaign, which ran through app upgrade purchases, in-store items and online accessories during the run-up to World AIDS Day on December 1 raised over $20 million, which will be seeded to the Global Fund. The group fights HIV/AIDS, malaria and other health threats largely in Africa and other impoverished areas. Cook said that the promotion has thus pushed Apple's total contribution to over $100 million since 2006.



Hands On: Default Folder X (OS X)

12 hours ago | Posted in: software, Apple

If Apple has its way, then one day we will never save another document -- and we will never think about where it went. It will just be there when we want to open it again. That's nice. Until then, we open and save documents nearly as often as we check Facebook. Which makes it a shame that OS X rather fights us. You can open a document from this folder on that network drive and you can then save it on that folder on this USB stick, but it is a pain. Not much of a pain, let's not get carried away here, but try doing it twice and see how you feel. That's where Default Folder X comes in.



Hands On: SuperSync (OS X, Windows)

14 hours ago | Posted in: software, audio

Apple's iTunes media player has been around since 2001 -- meaning that for many users, it's likely that their library has traversed multiple system upgrades, duplicating and splintering across a variety of drives and mobile devices along the way. For this, there is SuperSync, an app designed to provide access to all your music in one location, allow libraries to be accessed via the Internet, and organize multiple music libraries as to stay organized. Aimed at DJs, avid music collectors, and anyone with multiple libraries, SuperSync aims to get all your tracks in a row. Pricing is organized by license packs, starting at $23 for 2 computers. We took a look at SuperSync for ourselves, and took some of its features for a test run.



Uber announces 'greater investment' in screening, safety standards

15 hours ago | Posted in: industry, hacks

In response to the concerns of customers, legal troubles and bans in multiple markets around the world, rideshare/taxi service Uber has begun a study into ways to better screen drivers and improve overall safety. Phillip Cardenas, Uber's head of global safety, outlined the company's plans in a recent blog post today. Cardenas comes from Airbnb where he spearheaded the creation of that company's safety program.


Breaking: US reverses, to say North Korea behind Sony hack tomorrow

17 hours ago | Posted in: industry, security

US government officials now believe North Korea is, in fact, behind the attack of Sony Pictures Entertainment's computer system and subsequent data leaks, according to reports. The government is also said to be preparing to make an official statement about its findings, which may arrive as soon as tomorrow, though apparently there is still some internal debate as to what kind of response to make to the insular country. Previously, the FBI had said it had "no evidence" of a direct North Korean connection, though the country was suspected from the outset.



Jobs' deposition in Apple-Real trial to remain private

18 hours ago | Posted in: software, Apple

As a postscript to Apple's unanimous win in a lawsuit brought by audio software company Real, Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers on Wednesday turned down media requests to make public a videotaped deposition from Steve Jobs, in one of his final filmed appearances, that was presented during the trial. Jobs, who was quite ill at the time and just months from his resignation from Apple and later death, was videotaped answering questions about the case. Yesterday, a jury exonerated the iPhone maker from charges it had conspired to lock out competitors.


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Briefly: Fleksy Keyboard 5.0, Booqpad for iPad Air 2

20 hours ago | Posted in: accessories, iPhone apps, iPad, iPad apps

Customizable iOS keyboard app Fleksy has received a major update introducing new themes and extensions, as well as improvements to existing features. Fleksy allows users to find and send GIFs, and provides autocorrect while typing, and intuitive gestures offer greater typing speed. Version 5.0 of Fleksy offers more themes to choose from, including branded ones. New keyboard extensions can be dragged and dropped as cards to add and remove features. Five extensions are available at the time of launching, including a GIF keyboard, Numbers Row, One-Handed Mode, Cursor Control, and Rainbow Pops. A new emoji scroll mode allows emoji to be searched for faster, and long-pressing the period key brings up quick access of punctuation and symbols. In VoiceOver mode, single-character input is now easier, and Arabic secondary characters can be accessed by tapping the Shift key.


Apple seeds Safari 8.0.3, 7.1.3, and 6.2.3 betas to developers

20 hours ago | Posted in: troubleshooting, software, developer, Apple

Apple is distributing three new Safari betas to OS X developers. Yosemite users are getting v8.0.3; v7.1.3 is available for Mavericks, while v6.2.3 is the equivalent for Mountain Lion. Some testing focus areas include AutoFill, web notifications, website and extension compatibility, HTML5 video playback on "popular video sites," and debugging sites via Web Inspector. Apple is also concerned with bookmark editing, and the read/unread state of Reading List items.


Apple notifies iOS devs about Feb., June deadlines for 64-bit support

21 hours ago | Posted in: iPod, iPhone, developer, Apple, iPad

Apple has issued a new notice to developers, reminding them of two important deadlines concerning 64-bit support in iOS apps. As was previously announced, those submitting new titles to the App Store must implement 64-bit support -- and use the iOS 8 SDK -- by February 1st. Additionally, the company now says that updates to existing titles must meet the same standards as of June 1st.


Briefly: Mujjo's gray wallet iPhone case, Google Wallet update

23 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, accessories

Mujjo has introduced its Leather Wallet Case line-up for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in gray, as part of its Desaturated Collection. The wallet case is designed to hold two to three essential cards without sacrificing a thin profile. The case is available in two styles for iPhone 6 - one with the card slot angled upright and the other with an 80 degree angle pocket - and the 80 degree angle pocket case is available for iPhone 6 Plus. Pricing for the Desaturated Collection begins at $40, and cases can be purchased through Mujjo.


Apple Canada ordered to turn over documents in carrier deal probe

23 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, industry, Apple

The Federal Court of Canada has agreed to order Apple's Canadian division to turn over documents to the Competition Bureau, Reuters reports. Apple has already handed over some requested documents, but may not be handing over as much as the Bureau wants or needs. The Chief Justice for the court, Paul Crampton, is due to sign the order later today.


Apps: Posterino, GraphicConverter, Typinator

Wed December 17, 2014 | Posted in apps


    Posterino 3.0.1 ($20)

    Posterino enables users to create everything from photo collages to frames to greeting cards. The software includes a variety of templates which can be filled automatically with random images, or with user imported content. Version 3.0.1 fixes a situation where a Drag operation holding a set of images is not executed near the “end” of a document. In addition, PDF file paths in the inspector can no longer be edited, and the layout of controls has been improved.


    GraphicConverter 9.5 ($40)

    GraphicConverter is an image editing tool that can impart 200 different graphic-based formats, and export the image in one of 80 file formats. New to this release is the ability to create QR codes, an option to decode tar/gzip archives to the browser, and a function for marking possible images of a HDR series. A number of existing features have also been updated and various known bugs have been resolved.


    Typinator 6.3 ($30)

    Typinator can be used to automatically fill in repeating text and/or pictures. Users can set a list of commonly used words or images, and then define text fragments that trigger each item. The latest update now lets users search for the most recent expansions both the in the find field in the Typinator window and in Quick Search. Dragging one or more items from the abbreviation list can also now be dragged into a Finder window to export a set containing only the selected items.


    MacGourmet Deluxe 4.1.2 ($50)

    MacGourmet allows cooks to create and edit recipes, make wine and cooking notes, and post them on the web. It also includes functions for import recipes from the web and building cookbooks from a users recipes with support for images, chapters, and text pages. A system exception that caused Mealplan Weekly Planner to display a bank window has been resolved with this update.


    Sandvox 2.9.3 ($80)

    Sandvox is a website creation tool that features a drag and drop based interface. The software requires no previous HTML coding knowledge, and includes features for creating blogs, photo galleries, and more. The v2.9.3 update addresses an issue where some objects could disappear within the app on OS X Yosemite. The post-publishing sharing popup button compatibility with Yosemite has also been improved, and an issue where exporting on Snow Leopard would result in the document window becoming unresponsive has been fixed.


Holiday Gift Guide -- gifts for the Apple gadgeteer

Wed December 17, 2014 | Posted in: iPhone, computers, upgrades/storage, accessories, networking, Apple, iPad

It's not too late, but its getting close. In fact its so close, that any helping hand might be welcome to help pick presents for the Apple-centric device lover in your life. Good news! We see every conceivable gadget all year -- use our knowledge to benefit you! This week, Electronista and MacNN have suggestions for the best gift options for the Apple fan in your life.


Hands On: Mujjo Refined Touchscreen Gloves

Wed December 17, 2014 | Posted in: iPhone, accessories, iPad

It shouldn't be a secret that normal, cheap knit gloves actually don't contain enough fabric to prevent a persons finger from interacting with a capacitive screen. This means that, yes, normal knit gloves are technically touchscreen gloves but normal cheap knit gloves also don't contain enough fabric to keep a persons hands warm in most cold weather. That's where Refined Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo come in - promising to let us interact with all our touchscreen devices while keeping our hands toasty.


Pixelmator Mac, iPad apps get significant updates

Wed December 17, 2014 | Posted in: software, digital imaging, Graphics/Web Design, iPad, iPad apps

Pixelmator Team has released updated Mac and iPad versions of its namesake image editor. The Mac update, v3.3.1, now supports pinch-to-zoom gestures on trackpads, fulfilling a popular demand. Resizing and scrolling options have been added to the Shapes, Gradients, and Styles palettes.


Briefly: Instagram filter collection grows, Pebble Android Wear alerts

Wed December 17, 2014 | Posted in: software, iPhone apps

Instagram has updated its famous photo filters, for the first time in two years. The Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua effects have been added to both the Android and iOS versions of the app, each shifting and softening the photograph's colors in varying ways. The app has also updated how the various effects are displayed, providing a blurred preview of filters, while a "Manage" button will allow users to hide the rarely-used filters from view.


Hands On: Cinematica 2 (OS X)

Wed December 17, 2014 | Posted in: software, Apple

We all have more videos than iTunes Store ones, we all have more videos than we can ever remember getting. They're from our digital cameras, they're from our iPhones, they're Vimeo files we wish we could remember how to download again. However we got them, we have them now, we can't find them very easily and they are all clogging up our hard drives. Plus, we have to to somehow remember that this movie will play in iTunes but that one needs the extra VLC video player. Cinematica 2 does a smart job of solving this by giving you one place to see everything it possibly can.


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