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Briefly: Fleksy Keyboard 5.0, Booqpad for iPad Air 2

15 minutes ago | Posted in: accessories, iPhone apps, iPad, iPad apps

Customizable iOS keyboard app Fleksy has received a major update introducing new themes and extensions, as well as improvements to existing features. Fleksy allows users to find and send GIFs, and provides autocorrect while typing, and intuitive gestures offer greater typing speed. Version 5.0 of Fleksy offers more themes to choose from, including branded ones. New keyboard extensions can be dragged and dropped as cards to add and remove features. Five extensions are available at the time of launching, including a GIF keyboard, Numbers Row, One-Handed Mode, Cursor Control, and Rainbow Pops. A new emoji scroll mode allows emoji to be searched for faster, and long-pressing the period key brings up quick access of punctuation and symbols. In VoiceOver mode, single-character input is now easier, and Arabic secondary characters can be accessed by tapping the Shift key.



Apple seeds Safari 8.0.3, 7.1.3, and 6.2.3 betas to developers

22 minutes ago | Posted in: troubleshooting, software, developer, Apple

Apple is distributing three new Safari betas to OS X developers. Yosemite users are getting v8.0.3; v7.1.3 is available for Mavericks, while v6.2.3 is the equivalent for Mountain Lion. Some testing focus areas include AutoFill, web notifications, website and extension compatibility, HTML5 video playback on "popular video sites," and debugging sites via Web Inspector. Apple is also concerned with bookmark editing, and the read/unread state of Reading List items.



Apple notifies iOS devs about Feb., June deadlines for 64-bit support

1 hour ago | Posted in: iPod, iPhone, developer, Apple, iPad

Apple has issued a new notice to developers, reminding them of two important deadlines concerning 64-bit support in iOS apps. As was previously announced, those submitting new titles to the App Store must implement 64-bit support -- and use the iOS 8 SDK -- by February 1st. Additionally, the company now says that updates to existing titles must meet the same standards as of June 1st.



Briefly: Mujjo's gray wallet iPhone case, Google Wallet update

2 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, accessories

Mujjo has introduced its Leather Wallet Case line-up for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in gray, as part of its Desaturated Collection. The wallet case is designed to hold two to three essential cards without sacrificing a thin profile. The case is available in two styles for iPhone 6 - one with the card slot angled upright and the other with an 80 degree angle pocket - and the 80 degree angle pocket case is available for iPhone 6 Plus. Pricing for the Desaturated Collection begins at $40, and cases can be purchased through Mujjo.



Apple Canada ordered to turn over documents in carrier deal probe

3 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, industry, Apple

The Federal Court of Canada has agreed to order Apple's Canadian division to turn over documents to the Competition Bureau, Reuters reports. Apple has already handed over some requested documents, but may not be handing over as much as the Bureau wants or needs. The Chief Justice for the court, Paul Crampton, is due to sign the order later today.


Apps: Posterino, GraphicConverter, Typinator

4 hours ago | Posted in apps


    Posterino 3.0.1 ($20)

    Posterino enables users to create everything from photo collages to frames to greeting cards. The software includes a variety of templates which can be filled automatically with random images, or with user imported content. Version 3.0.1 fixes a situation where a Drag operation holding a set of images is not executed near the “end” of a document. In addition, PDF file paths in the inspector can no longer be edited, and the layout of controls has been improved.


    GraphicConverter 9.5 ($40)

    GraphicConverter is an image editing tool that can impart 200 different graphic-based formats, and export the image in one of 80 file formats. New to this release is the ability to create QR codes, an option to decode tar/gzip archives to the browser, and a function for marking possible images of a HDR series. A number of existing features have also been updated and various known bugs have been resolved.


    Typinator 6.3 ($30)

    Typinator can be used to automatically fill in repeating text and/or pictures. Users can set a list of commonly used words or images, and then define text fragments that trigger each item. The latest update now lets users search for the most recent expansions both the in the find field in the Typinator window and in Quick Search. Dragging one or more items from the abbreviation list can also now be dragged into a Finder window to export a set containing only the selected items.


    MacGourmet Deluxe 4.1.2 ($50)

    MacGourmet allows cooks to create and edit recipes, make wine and cooking notes, and post them on the web. It also includes functions for import recipes from the web and building cookbooks from a users recipes with support for images, chapters, and text pages. A system exception that caused Mealplan Weekly Planner to display a bank window has been resolved with this update.


    Sandvox 2.9.3 ($80)

    Sandvox is a website creation tool that features a drag and drop based interface. The software requires no previous HTML coding knowledge, and includes features for creating blogs, photo galleries, and more. The v2.9.3 update addresses an issue where some objects could disappear within the app on OS X Yosemite. The post-publishing sharing popup button compatibility with Yosemite has also been improved, and an issue where exporting on Snow Leopard would result in the document window becoming unresponsive has been fixed.


Holiday Gift Guide -- gifts for the Apple gadgeteer

4 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, computers, upgrades/storage, accessories, networking, Apple, iPad

It's not too late, but its getting close. In fact its so close, that any helping hand might be welcome to help pick presents for the Apple-centric device lover in your life. Good news! We see every conceivable gadget all year -- use our knowledge to benefit you! This week, Electronista and MacNN have suggestions for the best gift options for the Apple fan in your life.



Hands On: Mujjo Refined Touchscreen Gloves

5 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, accessories, iPad

It shouldn't be a secret that normal, cheap knit gloves actually don't contain enough fabric to prevent a persons finger from interacting with a capacitive screen. This means that, yes, normal knit gloves are technically touchscreen gloves but normal cheap knit gloves also don't contain enough fabric to keep a persons hands warm in most cold weather. That's where Refined Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo come in - promising to let us interact with all our touchscreen devices while keeping our hands toasty.



Pixelmator Mac, iPad apps get significant updates

6 hours ago | Posted in: software, digital imaging, Graphics/Web Design, iPad, iPad apps

Pixelmator Team has released updated Mac and iPad versions of its namesake image editor. The Mac update, v3.3.1, now supports pinch-to-zoom gestures on trackpads, fulfilling a popular demand. Resizing and scrolling options have been added to the Shapes, Gradients, and Styles palettes.



Briefly: Instagram filter collection grows, Pebble Android Wear alerts

8 hours ago | Posted in: software, iPhone apps

Instagram has updated its famous photo filters, for the first time in two years. The Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua effects have been added to both the Android and iOS versions of the app, each shifting and softening the photograph's colors in varying ways. The app has also updated how the various effects are displayed, providing a blurred preview of filters, while a "Manage" button will allow users to hide the rarely-used filters from view.



Hands On: Cinematica 2 (OS X)

8 hours ago | Posted in: software, Apple

We all have more videos than iTunes Store ones, we all have more videos than we can ever remember getting. They're from our digital cameras, they're from our iPhones, they're Vimeo files we wish we could remember how to download again. However we got them, we have them now, we can't find them very easily and they are all clogging up our hard drives. Plus, we have to to somehow remember that this movie will play in iTunes but that one needs the extra VLC video player. Cinematica 2 does a smart job of solving this by giving you one place to see everything it possibly can.



Lawsuit over 'Angry Birds' pet toys goes forward

10 hours ago | Posted in: industry, gaming, accessories

This week Hartz Mountain, a maker of pet toys, requested a federal judge dismiss a lawsuit by Seattle artist Juli Adams regarding the sale of her intellectual property without her permission or knowledge. The case is notable because Adams' designs were the basis of the characters now universally known as "Angry Birds," a name originally suggested by Adams and since used widely by Rovio and Hartz to market both the video game sensation and ancillary merchandise. The judge has refused to dismiss the matter.



Apple's iPhone gains share, will likely topple second-place Nokia

14 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, industry, mobile phones, Apple

According to new quarterly figures from industry analysts Gartner, enormous growth by Apple's iPhone has eroded worldwide mobile phone share -- including both smartphones and feature phones -- from top seller Samsung and second-place Nokia, with Apple potentially taking the second spot from Nokia after this quarter's expected record-breaking iPhone sales are announced. For the most recent quarter, Apple was within one percentage point of matching Nokia in a market seeing strong overall growth.



Hands On: Movavi Video Editor (OS X)

17 hours ago | Posted in: software, digital imaging, Apple

Try as you might, you're not going to revolutionize how video is edited: whatever application you're using, the process has been roughly the same since we ditched celluloid and razor blades. Equally, you're not likely to easily replace Apple's iMovie for ease of use, nor Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X for high-end professionals. Movavi Video Editor, an editor for Windows that has just made the jump to OS X, definitely aims at being very simple to use -- but it's also intended for the ever-growing number of us who just want to quickly get video out to people.



Flaw in online boarding passes enable anyone to view others

19 hours ago | Posted in: security, hacks

Dani Grant, the founder of the security research group Hackers of NY, has reported a serious flaw in the way that Delta and potentially other airlines handle online boarding passes, often displayed on smartphone screens to gain entry to flights. Grand discovered that if she shared the URL to her Delta online boarding pass, anybody could download and potentially redeem it. Even more disturbingly, when she changed with the last digit of the seemingly random numbers in the URL, she could view someone else's online boarding pass, which might even be on an entirely different airline.



OWC offers sensor kits, allowing third-party HD upgrades in iMacs

22 hours ago | Posted in: upgrades/storage

In a post today on its Rocket Yard blog, Other World Computing (OWC) announced a new in-line digital thermal sensor for owners who want to upgrade the hard drives in their iMacs. The sensor kits are compatible with models from 2009 all the way up to the latest 2014 Retina 5K model, allowing the use of third-party replacement hard drives (which the company conveniently sells), overcoming a troublesome proprietary issue on the machines.



Giveaway: win a PowerSkin PowerStand!

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: computers, Apple

Until Wednesday December 17 at 11:59PM ET, PowerSkin has a buy-one-get-one free offer on their popular PowerStand battery charger. To help get the word out, they have teamed up with MacNN to give away one of these portable battery chargers to one of our readers. Read on to learn more about this battery charger and other special offers from PowerSkin.


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Apple halts online sales in Russia in wake of plummeting ruble

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: Apple

Apple is temporarily shutting down its Russian online store while it reviews pricing, according to company spokesman Alan Hely. The value of the country's currency, the ruble, dropped 19 percent today despite attempts to stall a months-long decline using an interest rate increase. Apple's reaction is unusually sharp, given that the company normally just adjusts prices on the fly in foreign stores if there's a significant currency fluctuation. In November, it hiked the Russian cost of the iPhone 6 by 25 percent.


Forums: unresponsive 13-inch MBP

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: computers, troubleshooting, upgrades/storage, Apple

This week in the MacNN Forums Moderator "Thorzdad" and fellow forum-members have been trying to determine why a 13-inch MacBook Pro has suddenly gone unresponsive. It won't boot, light up or make any sounds after failing to recharge two nights ago. With the holidays fast approaching, the debate continues about which phone is a better choice, the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6+ in a thread started shortly after the phone was released.


Apple deals: refurbished 27-inch iMacs from $1,489

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: computers, Apple

Right now at Apple's online store take advantage of steep price cuts on 27-inch iMac models. The 27-inch iMac with a 3.2GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive has been reduced by $310 to $1,489. Save $340 on the refurbished 27-inch iMac with a 3.4GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive, now $1,659.


DealNN: $200 off 11.6-inch MBA, now $900

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: computers, upgrades/storage, audio, Apple

This week at save $20 on the current-generation 11.6-inch MacBook Air which has been discounted from $1,100 down to $900. That price break makes this the best price we have seen by around $80. Free 2-day shipping is included, and sales tax applies for residents of most states. This MBA features a 1.4GHz Intel 4th generation Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 256GB of solid state storage and comes with Yosemite pre-installed. Included is a 1 year warranty on parts and labor from Apple.


Jury finds in favor of Apple in iPod/iTunes DRM lawsuit

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: iPod, industry, Apple

The jury for the iPod/iTunes DRM lawsuit has ruled that Apple didn't violate antitrust laws by blocking music from rival storefronts in iTunes software updates, Reuters reports. The verdict was rendered in less than a day, following closing arguments on Monday. Had the jury swung in favor of the plaintiffs, the company could have owed some $350 million in penalties.


New iOS 8.1.3 update in development, web traffic indicates

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: iPod, iPhone, troubleshooting, Apple, iPad

Although it recently released iOS 8.1.2, and is well into development on iOS 8.2, Apple is also working on an interim v8.1.3 update, web traffic shows. The first hits from v8.1.3 devices appear to have come around December 8th, a day before v8.1.2 went live. Since then the number has increased, but just a "few dozen" have reportedly come from Apple's networks.


Samsung in talks with LoopPay to create mobile payment platform

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: industry, mobile phones

Samsung is in talks with a Massachusetts-based startup, LoopPay, with the hope of launching a mobile payment platform in 2015, sources say. Whether or not Samsung has reached a deal is uncertain, and indeed one source says that talks could still break down. A second source states that a prototype version of the platform is already working on a Samsung phone.


T-Mobile adding 'Data Stash' roll-over data to Simple Choice plan

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: mobile phones

T-Mobile will allow its customers to bank unused data allowances for future use, it has revealed. The Uncarrier 8.0 announcement of "Data Stash" allows data to rollover from month to month, with leftover data stored on the account for up to a year, allowing the customer to go over their normal monthly data allowance at a later time.


Briefly: Google Drive for iOS update, Waze 3.9.2

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: iPhone apps, Apple, iPad apps

Google's cloud storage platform app has been updated for iOS today, now offering the ability to upload files from other sources. As reported last week, Apple has reversed its course on a policy that disallowed an app to upload content to iCloud Drive unless a file was created within the app itself. Google Drive for iOS v3.4.0 includes bug fixes and performance improvements, and file uploading to Drive from other apps and sources (such as iCloud Drive) can be executed on devices running iOS 8. Google Drive for iOS requires iOS 7.0 or later to run.


iOS apps: PDFpen, Screens, Calendars 5

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in iOS apps

  • 27.4MB

    PDFpen 2.0.1 ($20)

    PDFpen allows users to edit PDFs directly on an iOS device. Within the app users can add text, images and signatures, comments, page numbers, and more directly to any PDF files stored on the device. This minor update includes various fixes and improvements.

  • 11.5MB

    Screens 3.5.5 ($10)

    Screens is a screen sharing and VNC client that can be used to connect remotely to any Mac, Windows or Linux computer. Support is included for controlling a computer with gestures, while a scrollable shortcuts toolbar gives quick access to other functions. Version 3.5.5 now lets users submit a support request directly from the app settings. A diagnostics report is also automatically sent along with the request, helping to streamline the support process.

  • 26.2MB

    Calendars 5 5.6.1 ($3)

    Calendars 5 is a mobile calendar app that features a built-in task manager for tracking a list of things that need to get done. Natural language input can be used to quickly enter tasks and events, while syncing functionality can keep calendars aligned across multiple devices.

  • 52.1MB

    Waze 3.9.2 (free)

    Waze is a community-based mapping and navigation app that can help users find the best route to their destination based on traffic data added by other users. The v3.9.2 update includes a new Waze Today Widget that lets users view their ETA for home or work, as well as send their current drive and ETA to contacts. In addition, eTA and route changes now include better traffic information and the map display setting will autonomically switch between 2D and 3D view.

  • 21MB

    Path 4.2 (free)

    Path is a social network where users can share various aspects of their day-to-day life. Support is included for capturing thoughts, photos, videos, places, music, movies, books, and even sleep. Version 4.2 adds a new option to mute any moment that you have been tagged in, as well as a new Share to Email option for sharing things with friends who don’t use the app.


Apple confirms 10 more banks getting Apple Pay today

Tue December 16, 2014 | Posted in: industry, Apple

Apple has today issued a statement confirming the addition of 10 more banks to the list supporting Apple Pay. These include Associated Bank, BB&T, Black Hills FCU, Commerce Bank, Dupaco Community Credit Union, Idaho Central Credit Union, First Tennessee Bank, TD Bank North America, WesBanco, and UW Credit Union. Some of these, such as Commerce, TD, and UW were already quietly announced elsewhere, for instance through a list on Apple's website. The New York Times adds however that Amway Center -- home to the NBA's Orlando Magic -- will be getting Apple Pay terminals as of Friday.


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