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Streaming music services are highest revenue source for Warner Music

Music streaming services have become the largest source of revenue for Warner Music Group, the record label has confirmed. In its second quarter financial results ending March 31, streaming from services such as Apple Music have overtaken both physical sales and downloads from iTunes and other online stores to provide the most recorded music revenue in the quarter, marking the first time a major record label's revenue sources have changed in this way.

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Pointers: How to switch off Markdown in Ulysses

Let's see if we can do this Pointers in a single line: in the word-processing program Ulysses 2.5, create a new sheet, and then choose No Markdown from the Edit/Convert Markup menu. Nope, sorry, we need a second: on the iOS version, you need to tap to hide the keyboard, then tap on the Settings icon that appears, then under Current Sheet at the bottom, choose No Markdown. Whether you do this on iOS or OS X, though, Ulysses nicely remembers it for the other one.

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Report: Apple Music Connect to be 'demoted' in service overhaul

Like Ping before it, the Apple Music Connect social component of the paid subscription service may be demoted from its own section under a rumored redesign said to be coming to the service as part of iOS 10. Various reports have claimed that Apple Music will get a design and functionality overhaul and that it will debut in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, though it could be simply previewed and not formally roll out until the fall of this year. Connect in its present form will still exist, reports say, but will lose its dedicated "tab" in the Music program on iOS and could be integrated into the "For You" section, one of several big changes allegedly planned for the service.

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Apple hit with second Immersion haptic feedback lawsuit

Apple has been hit with a fresh lawsuit from Immersion , a company that has specialized in haptic feedback technology for over 20 years. The new suit alleges that Apple's 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Force Touch trackpads violate one of its patents. Immersion also alleges that the iPhone 6s violates another three of its patents.

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MacNN Deals: Fly high with these four camera-equipped drones

Alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today, we're highlighting four drones from the collection of quadcopters offered in the store, including the highest-selling drone from the group, an invertible camera drone, and a pair of quadcopters with a first person video mode.

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Tim Cook reportedly planning trip to China to appease government

Tim Cook is planning to visit China again, to have discussions with members of the country's government over various matters, according to a report. The Apple CEO will apparently try to work with the "high-level government officials" later this month to try and smooth out some issues affecting the company in the region, with topics up for debate said to include censorship issues affecting Apple services, as well as the Chinese government's continued pressure on Western companies to comply with its demands.

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Apple offers customizable Mother's Day ad creator

In a follow-up to its recent Mother's Day TV ad that continues the "shot on iPhone" campaign, Apple has now set up a dedicated website that allows users to upload a single image of their own mothers into the end of the TV spot, which does not include any advertising message other than a brief Apple logo at the end. The uploaded photo is inserted into the ad, which carries no overt images of Apple products, narration, or other identifiers that the footage was shot on iPhones. Users can preview the finished custom video and share it to social networks in time for Mother's Day, which arrives on May 8. http://bit.ly/1ZnVPL2

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Drake album tops 250M views on Apple Music

The latest album from Drake, titled Views, was streamed some 250 million times in its first week as an Apple Music exclusive, according to label Republic Records. The album, which was released last Thursday, topped a streaming record previously held by Justin Beiber of 205 million streams across all the popular streaming services in its first week. Views will become available on other streaming services starting May 13. The album has also sold over 1.2 million copies in its first week on iTunes. http://bit.ly/1s0S3gO

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Cook to speak at Startup Fest Europe

May is turning out to be a busy travel month for Apple CEO Tim Cook: following on from reports that he will head back to China to meet with government officials there to help smooth out some recent difficulties, Cook is scheduled to be among the guest speakers at Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam on May 24 at 11:10AM local time. His talk will run about 35 minutes, according to the schedule for the event. Other speakers across the five-day event will include Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt. http://bit.ly/1q3Zvpr

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Retail VP Kupbens leaves Apple

Bob Kupbens, who joined Apple in 2014 just ahead of Dame Angela Ahrendts to run the online Apple Store and other web-based retail programs as vice president of online marketing efforts, has reportedly left the company for another position. Kupbens, who was previously in charge of digital marketing initiatives and e-commerce at Delta Air Lines, replaced Jennifer Bailey when she was appointed to run the Apple Pay project. He has overseen the redesign of the online store, the online iPhone upgrade program, and has generally worked to make the site better integrated with the retail Apple Stores. No replacement for Kupbens has yet been named.

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Xcode updated for Git security

Apple on Friday patched two known critical vulnerabilities in its Xcode development tool that were concerned with the Git source code management client portion of the program. For unknown reasons, Apple waited seven weeks to update the version of Git shipping with the command-line tools in Xcode to v2.7.4, released by Git developers on March 17 to address the vulnerabilities. The flaw, now corrected, could allow for cloning a repository with a specially-crafted file structure, giving attackers a chance to execute malicious code on systems where cloning operations were initiated, reports Computerworld. The Command Line Tools package is not installed by default on OS X, but users have the option of installing it, and in some cases were forced to disable Git until the tools were updated. http://apple.co/24BQJP3

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Twitter for Mac gets Moments, Polls

Twitter has updated its Mac app with Moments and Polls, features previously rolled out in its web portal and in its mobile apps. The new Moments tab is designed to make it easier to find more interesting and relevant content. Content is curated in categories including News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun, with trending topics highlighted for an easier to use, more engaging experience. The Twitter for Mac app also picks up the ability to create custom multiple choice polls via Tweets that are live for a 24-hour period. Users can also share GIFs in both Tweets and Direct Messages thanks to a new GIF search function. http://apple.co/1rxCvA0

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GoPro revenue drops, Karma drone delayed

Action camera maker GoPro announced its first quarter results on Thursday, and the news was largely bad. While unit sell-through of the cameras was close to the year-over-year compare, revenues dropped 49.5 percent from Q1 last year, though was slightly above the company's guidance. Overall, the company lost $107 million in GAAP net income, and margins declined to 32.5 percent from 45.1 percent in the year-ago quarter. The company further announced that it would be delaying its planned Karma drone product until this winter, which will likely further impact next quarter's results. The upside of the delay, said GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman, is that the Karma will now benefit from debuting just before the holiday buying season. http://bit.ly/1OgpdgD

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