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Hands On: GraphicConverter 10 (OS X)

Back before we were all so hip and called everything an app, there were software applications and there were utilities. An application was serious stuff that did serious work and a utility was something that did just the one little but useful function. You could guess what happened next: the applications took on these functions and utilities added the ability to do more serious work. This is where we are with GraphicConverter 10 which is the little utility that could –– and did.

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The Big Deal: Grab eight creativity, productivity Mac apps for $30

Every so often, MacNN finds a deal that is too big or important to go into our usual deals lists, and is major enough to be highlighted in its own Big Deals post. This time, it's an offer from MacNN Deals that provides you with a collection of eight Mac apps to help your productivity, creativity, and even keep your Mac in top working order, in the World Class Mac Bundle

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All MySpace account info from before 2013 for sale on hacker market

Shortly before the Memorial Day weekend, MySpace became aware that stolen Myspace user login data was being made available in an online hacker forum. The data stolen included user login data from a portion of accounts that were created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old Myspace platform. Over 427 million passwords were offered for sale by the perpetrator.

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Hands On: Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch

When you bought your Apple Watch, did you have a hard time picking which color you wanted to sport on your arm? We thought our choice was fairly obvious, but sometimes we still wistfully wonder what could have been if we'd picked space gray, gold, or even simple silver. Now, thanks to Griffin, you can change up your style for far less than the cost of a new Apple Watch with their Ultra Thin Case.

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Intel confirms Kaby Lake processors arriving later this year

Intel's seventh-generation Core processors will be launching later this year, the chip producer confirmed at Taipei's Computex. Retaining the codename Kaby Lake, the processors will begin production later this quarter, with the first systems expected to use it shipping later this year, though at the same time, with Intel also advising on Apollo Lake and unveiling a Broadwell-E processor packing ten cores.

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Database firm claims developers losing interest in Apple Watch

A data gathering firm is claiming that developers are losing interest in the Apple Watch. Instead, the data collation company has gleaned that developers are much more interested in developing apps for just the iOS, followed by tvOS, with developer interest in Apple Watch apps trailing. The firm's claim is based on its own metrics drawn from 100,000 developers that use its database technology within their mobile apps.

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First hardware RAID 10Gbps USB 3.1 controllers

Marvell today announced the Marvell 88RC13xx family of high-performance RAID storage controllers with a full set of features that include eight 6Gbps SATA ports, four lanes of PCI Express 3.0, and a 10Gbps USB 3.1 device port with Type-C connector support. The move paves the way for high-performance USB-C UASP hardware RAID multi-drive arrays, utilizing the full bandwidth of USB 3.1. http://bit.ly/1P0JBmb

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Tama debuts adapters for Lightning-only iPhone

Predicting an iPhone without a standard 3.5mm headphone, a Chinese accessory maker has released three Lightning-to-headphone-adapters ready should Apple pull the trigger on what would be a controversial decision. The three adapters, picked up by Macotakara, includes two models that simultaneously support charging an iPhone over microUSB while the user also continues to listen to music. Rumors have suggested that Apple will eventually drop the 3.5mm jack on one of its next-generation iPhones, although it is not clear whether it will be in the 'iPhone 7,' due this year, or a future model. In the interim, the Tama Electric Lightning-to-headphone adapters offer little particular utility. http://bit.ly/1P0sYXM

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French Google tax raid evaluation could take years

The data retrieved from the Paris raid on Google's headquarters by French police could take months or even years to analyze, according to a prosecutor assigned to the case. Authorities seized dozens of files and related data that recorded Google's financial transactions in the country with a view to lodging a claim for unpaid taxes by the Internet search giant. Although Google has denied any wrongdoing, it must complete all of its sales contracts in Ireland, where it is incorporated. If French authorities sifting through the documents seized in the raids discover that any of its French sales transactions were completed locally, it could be subject to further action, including fines. http://reut.rs/1P0n8G2

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Trade-up program expands in Europe

Smartphone users in France, Italy, and Spain will have until at least August of this year to trade in old iPhone, Windows Phone, or Android models at Apple Stores, and put the reward towards a new iPhone -- thanks to an expansion of Apple's trade-in program into those countries. The money given for the trade-in must be applied towards a new iPhone on a two-year payment plane, and traders must qualify under a credit check as part of the program. Interested customers can apply for the trade-in at their nearest Apple Store. http://bit.ly/1qPsldD

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NBCUniversal adds Bravo, Syfy, E! to Apple TV

NBCUniversal has launched three new apps channels for Apple TV users. Bravo Now, Syfy Now and E! Now brings users access full seasons of current and past episodes of most of NBCUniversal's catalog. The Bravo Now app includes shows like "The Real Housewives of New York Cit," "Below Deck Mediterranean," comedy "Odd Mom Out" and "Top Chef." The Syfy Now app offers up shows like "The Magicians," thriller "12 Monkeys" and the reality show "Face Off." The E! Now app serves up shows like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Botched," "#RichKids of Beverly Hills," Caitlyn Jenner's "I Am Cait," and "WAGS." While some content is free, most content requires users to authenticate via their cable satellite or telco TV provider. http://bit.ly/20K4Pea

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Apple rolls out Arabic version of Apple.com

Apple has rolled out a new version of its Apple.com website for Arabic language users in the United Arab Emirates. The site utilizes a right-to-left reading format where it has been updated, although the upgrade is still in progress with a number of page links still in the original English language left-to-right format. Of particular note is that the site debuts an all-new custom Arabic font created by the Tarek Atrissi Design agency, giving it a highly contemporary look and feel. The new support for Arabic on its host website follows the introduction of full support for right-to-left languages in iOS 9, and the addition of Arabic support to Siri late last year. http://apple.co/20JHGIM

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Adobe previews Photoshop content-aware crop

Adobe has previewed a new 'content-aware crop' feature from the next version of its Photoshop CC. The new feature is similar to its 'content-aware fill' from the current version of Photoshop CC, and potentially saves users time when cropping photos in a way that might otherwise leave blank white space in the frame. Adobe's 'content-aware' tech automatically assesses the blank space and seamlessly fills the blank space with the nearest related content in the space when a photo is expanded or rotated without the need to manually clone that part of the image. The feature allows users to move a horizon by adding more sky or ground, change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of the image and fill in the corners of an image when rotated during a crop. Adobe says the feature is coming soon and will be automatically available to Creative Cloud subscribers. http://adobe.ly/20JDFEu

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