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Seeking $5M payout, lawyers challenge Error 53 suit dismissal filing

Despite Apple fulfilling promises to repair Error 53-afflicted devices, and reimburse for third-party repairs, complainants in a class-action suit are seeking to keep the action alive. Following an Apple motion to dismiss the case, plaintiffs claim that Apple has only made a "vague" announcement and is not publicizing the issue enough. Presumably, injunctive relief for a fix is no longer needed, but the group is still seeking $5 million in compensation from Cupertino for the issue.

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Public betas of iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6; Airport Base Station updates

Apple on Tuesday has issued the first public betas of iOS 9.3.3 and OS X 10.11.6, the immediately following the Monday release of the developer versions of the same betas. The latest updates are considered primarily maintenance patches, with little in the way of any new features. Apple hasn't identified what the updates fix, although these often emerge on user forums not long after their availability, particularly if anything unusual is unearthed. The public betas are open to any Apple user who is enrolled in Apple's Beta Software Program, but as always, caution is urged when attempting install non-finalized software.

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The Big Deal: Pick your own app bundle for $22 with BundleHunt

Alongside our regular MacNN Deals and Daily Deals posts, the writers of MacNN occasionally find offers that are interesting or major enough to warrant their own Big Deals post. Today, we are pointing you towards the BundleHunt "Buy What You Want" Spring Mac Bundle, which will not only allow you to choose the apps you want to have from a large selection for just $22, but also gives you the opportunity to get that $22 back in the form of credit for other BundleHunt offers.

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Five banks pledge support for Apple Pay in Singapore

Apple Pay is being made available to more users in Singapore, courtesy of new partnerships forged with banks in the region. Following just a month after the mobile payment platform went live for American Express customers, the service has now expanded to work with cards using Visa and MasterCard for transactions, with five new banks joining the roster of financial institutions that will take credit and debit card payments via iPhones and the Apple Watch.

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One Week without iTunes: the Results

Okay, let's not even try to contrive some drama. Last week I was challenged to quit iTunes and this week I'm back having done so and realised that technically it's quite easy. Yet I'm also back in the sense of using iTunes again: there were problems, there were lots of recommendations, there are many people who loathe iTunes but one week ago I wasn't fussed –– and this week I am glad to be using it again.

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Apple job posting hunting for lawyer with health, HIPAA expertise

A new Apple job posting has the company seeking out a lawyer with expertise in health, sparking suggestions that it could be another indication Apple has greater aspirations in health, notes Business Insider. Specifically, the job summary shows that the company wants a new Privacy Counsel with experience working with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and with the health industry at large. The successful applicant would provide legal advice on privacy issues potentially impacting the company's products as well as its other business activities.

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Comixology fires up $6 all-you-can-read service

Amazon-owned Comixology has launched an all-you-can-read comic subscription service. After a 30-day free trial, for $6 a month, subscribers can draw from a large selection of the Comixology library, minus Marvel and DC comics. For now, the service is US-only. http://bit.ly/1WMAOft

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QuarkXPress 2016 now shipping

Quark is now shipping QuarkXPress 2016, the newest version of Quark's graphic design and desktop publishing software that now features near-WYSIWYG fixe HTML5 publishing as well as improved operability with InDesign and Illustrator and support for multi-Color Gradient Blends, OpenType Stylistic Sets, a Color Picker (Eyedropper tool), Touchpads for Pinch and Zoom (Mac only) and more. Users on any previous version of QuarkXPress (versions 3-10) can upgrade to version 2016 for $350, while QuarkXPress 2015 users can upgrade to 2016 for $180; new licenses are available for $850 (education licenses are available for $90). http://bit.ly/1OL23Pu

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Kanex debuts GoPower USB-C for MacBooks

Kanex today introduced its GoPower USB-C, a portable power solution designed to charge a USB-C MacBook on the go along with an iPhone or iPad simultaneously. Featuring 15,000 mAh of power--capable of charging an iPhone 6s seven times or the USB-C MacBook one full time--the GoPower USB-C Portable Battery features one 3A USB-C port and one 2.4A port for other devices, priority charging detection technology and a pass-thru charging to your devices when the battery is plugged into a power source. http://bit.ly/1TKaf8z

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i.am+ EPs earphones are Apple Store exclusive

Musician turned consumer electronics entrepreneur Will.i.am has launched a new pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones, dubbed the i.am+ EPs. The new earphones are an Apple Store exclusive, and feature large 14mm drivers and aptX support for high-quality wireless streaming. The i.am+ EPs support A2DP controls, have a 30-foot range and can last up to six hours on a charge. The design is said to be inspired by the "iconic shape of vinyl records," and are made from spun metal and paired with a woven fabric cord. When not in use, the EPs magnetically click into place around the neck. The iam+ EPs are available now at select Apple Store and Apple.com for $230, are available in gold-on-black or black-on-black. http://bit.ly/1OKVlt2

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Ultimate Ears debuts UE Roll 2 speaker

On Tuesday, audio accessory maker Ultimate Ears unveiled a new version of the UE Roll Bluetooth speaker. The new UE Roll 2, which sells for $100, looks identical to the previous version, but gets about 15 percent louder. In addition, the unit now supports a Bluetooth source signal up to 100 feet away, an improvement on the original's 65-foot limit. While both the old and new versions of the UE Roll offer an IPX7 waterproof rating, the company now includes a blow-up "floaty" with the speaker to avoid the risk of prolonged exposure. The new unit will begin general shipping next month. http://bit.ly/1TJWE0Z

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Philips launches Hue White Ambiance bulbs

Philips latest HomeKit-compatible Hue light bulbs have hit the market. The new Hue White Ambiance bulbs are designed to allow users to control their color temperature to enhance either focus, or create a more relaxing tone. Combined with the latest update to the Philips Hue app, the new bulbs can be set according to user "routines." The "wake-up" mode gently turns up the brightness of the bulb, while conversely, the "go to sleep" mode gradually reduces the color temperature and brightness. The Philips Hue White Ambiance starter kit retails for $130, while single bulbs sell for $30. http://bit.ly/1TJT3Qn

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Pluggable Technologies three-display USB-C dock

Peripheral company Plugable Technologies today launched the industry's first wave of USB-C docking stations with both Power Delivery and DisplayPort Alternate Mode support. The Plugable UD-CA1 Docking Station integrates support for both of these new capabilities, along with the full set of standard USB docking features like wired network, audio, and extra USB ports. Model UD-ULTCDL builds on this, adding support for three total displays using DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology. The UD-CA1 retails for $129, with the UD-ULTCDL selling for $179, and available soon. http://bit.ly/1TrVVTJ

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