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YouTube adds 60fps live streaming option, new advertising units

13 hours ago | Posted in: gaming, Graphics/Web Design

Google is making a number of small changes to YouTube, that will likely be welcomed by advertisers and gamers alike. YouTube's live streaming capability will now include support for 60fps streams, making it more suitable for gaming, while the initial advertising preroll that runs before many videos will now allow users to find out a lot more information about the advertised products, as well as making it easier to purchase.



Hands On: Streamline 1.2 (iOS)

13 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone apps, iPad apps

Streamline Calendar by Serendipi shows everything on the user's various calendars on a zoomable format. Rather than looking at a traditional calendar, the app organizes events and appointments into a timeline that can be expanded, or narrowed down.



Adobe to discontinue iOS Photoshop Touch, plans successor

13 hours ago | Posted in: Graphics/Web Design, iPad apps

Adobe has chosen to withdraw its current photo editor for the iPad and Android tablets, Photoshop Touch, as of May 28, but has announced plans for a replacement program to come later this year. The new photo editor, currently dubbed "Project Rigel," will offer greatly improved speed, and was teased in a video that shows the program offering selective object removal, warping, and color swapping. The new app will be free of charge, unlike the $10 Touch app, but will require a Creative Cloud subscription.



Daily Deals: Seagate Barracuda, Asus Transformer, Nintendo 2DS

15 hours ago | Posted in: computers, gaming, peripherals, gadgets, software, upgrades/storage, accessories, audio, mobile phones, Apple

Welcome to Daily Deals, the regular post where we search the Internet to find bundles, discounts, offers, and sales on hardware and software for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. The last few days of still-active deals are accompanied by a new set, including a 2TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive, the Nintendo 2DS, and an Asus Transformer notebook.



Apple Watch: IBM MobileFirst for Watch; Bands now available separately

16 hours ago | Posted in: enterprise, accessories, Apple

On Thursday, Apple updated its enterprise app solutions web page to announce updates to some of the MobileFirst for iOS apps, developed in partnership with IBM, to offer Apple Watch support. Three of the 22 current MobileFirst apps -- Field Connect, Incident Aware, and Hospital RN -- now include Apple Watch versions of the apps, with push notifications, iBeacon support, notifications, and weather conditions, among other information available to front-line workers.



Giveaway: Win your choice of Apple device worth up to $700

17 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets, Apple

Do you have your eye on an Apple product that you'd like to acquire, but don't feel like spending the money to buy it? MacNN Deals is giving you the opportunity to win your choice of prize from a selection of Apple products in the latest easy-to-enter competition, which can net you an Apple TV, an iPad, an iPhone 6, or even an Apple Watch if you want one.


Apps: Drive Genius, Carbon Copy Cloner, VueScan

18 hours ago | Posted in apps


    Drive Genius 4.1 ($99)

    Drive Genius is a storage management utility that features a number of tools for optimizing and repairing hard drives. Version 4.1 reintroduces the Initialize utility, now featuring enchantments like the ability to select the format drive. A new option to disable the DrivePulse preference files corruption check has also been added.


    Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.3 ($40)

    Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup utility that can preserve HFS+ compression data during backups. An issue that prevented the software from sending e-mail notifications at the end of backup task has been addressed with this update. Time Zone changes that do not have a net effect on the wall time will also no longer cause a task to be rescheduled.


    VueScan 9.5.11 ($40)

    VueScan is a scanning utility that includes support for most flatbed and film scanners. The software uses ICC profiles and IT8 calibration to ensure accurate colors, and features a number of advanced features for tweaking scans. In v9.5.11, the software will no longer prompt for appending if the Scan+ or Save+ buttons are pressed. The size of the busy animation has also been increased, and issues with both Canon MF4600 and MF6500 scanners have been fixed.


    TenFourFox 31.7 (free)

    TenFourFox allows users to take advantage of Firefox 31 on their PowerPC-based Macs. Version 31.7 includes all of the security and stability patches from Firefox ESR 31.7. While this improves overall stability, several known issues still exist and can be found in the full release notes.


    Nicecast 1.11.5 ($59)

    Nicecast is a tool for broadcasting audio files as an Internet radio station. Alternatively, the app can be used to access a personal iTunes Library from anywhere in the world. A bug introduced in v1.11.4 that could cause the application to crash when the source is quit has been resolved in this release.


    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 1.06 ($60)

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a game that uncovers the story behind, Handsome Jack, a villain first introduced in Borderlands 2. Version 1.06 includes a range of minor bug fixes. This includes performance improvements, multiplayer connectivity improvements, and an issue with gun graphics and animations in the Grinder UI.


Hands On: Lost Within 1.0 (iOS, Android)

18 hours ago | Posted in: gaming, iPhone apps, iPad apps

We're no stranger to spooky games and scary themes, but sometimes the suspense inherent in horror survival games makes us very anxious, and it's difficult to get a good play session rolling. When faced with having to sneak through a creepy asylum, with a creepy kid whispering creepy things at us, and gurgling "inhabitants" chasing us into lockers ... we did the only thing any rational adult would do. We called our friend Todd, and asked him to virtually hold our hand through Skype while we played Lost Within by Amazon Game Studios.



Briefly: Facebook video calls goes global, Google Maps traffic alerts

19 hours ago | Posted in: software, iPhone apps

Facebook is making video calling via the Messenger app available to more users. Previously available in 18 countries, including the United States, the Facebook Messenger video calling has been rolled out globally for iOS and Android users, though some countries will be delayed in receiving the calls due to ongoing work to improve the service's quality in those regions.



Promotional photo may be leak of Touch ID-equipped iPhone 5c

19 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, Apple

Among the promotional photos released in connection with the new Apple Lightning Dock designed for the iPhone 6 line (but which also works with the older iPhone 5 family) is an image that appears to show an iPhone 5c equipped with a Touch ID sensor rather than the normal home button. While the image could be a simple Photoshop gaffe, it raises the possibility that Apple might refit and freshen the iPhone 5c to be able to handle Apple Pay as part of a larger, multi-country rollout of the mobile payments service.



Range of Apple's iCloud services suffer continued downtime [U]

19 hours ago | Posted in: troubleshooting, Apple

[Update: Apple says all services now restored as of 9:30AM ET] Some of Apple's iCloud services have been suffering a global, widespread slowdown or outage, beginning around 2:30AM Eastern time and continuing into mid-Thursday morning. The problems have reached into 11 services from Apple's online cloud offering, including iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain syncing, iCloud Mail syncing, Documents in the Cloud, iCloud Backup, Back to My Mac, Photos, Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Mac, iMovie Theater, iCloud sign-in, and the iWork for iCloud beta.



PayPal agrees to pay $25M over deceptive credit scheme

20 hours ago | Posted in: industry

PayPal will pay out $25 million in fines and restitution, as part of a settlement in a case claiming it deceived customers over credit schemes. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a complaint and proposed consent order to a federal court on Tuesday that PayPal enrolled customers into PayPal Credit without their permission, promoted benefits it failed to provide, and mishandled disputes over billing.



Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

20 hours ago | Posted in: mobile phones

The Samsung Galaxy S6 range is a critical component in Samsung's flagging smartphone strategy. With sales of its high-end smartphones being sapped by intense competition from Apple's larger iPhone 6 models, and sales of its mid-range and low-end smartphones being attacked from all sides by the cheaper Chinese competition, the success of the Galaxy S6 is vital to the company reversing its fortunes. The Galaxy S6 Edge is potentially the more interesting of its two Galaxy S6 models -- both of which share identical specs on paper -- as the Edge features a more adventurous design with a curved version of its Super AMOLED display. So can Samsung claw back market share with its new smartphone, and return high profitability to its mobile division? Read on in our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.



Hands On: Stackables 3.2 (iOS)

20 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone apps, iPad apps

There's no doubt about it: vintage is in. That's probably one of the reasons that photo filter apps have taken the App Store by storm. The big issue with most of these apps is that they'll often only feature a handful of preset filters with little to no customization. If you're looking for a great way to make your pictures stand out from all the others, we think that Stackables might just do the trick.



Hands On: Postbox 4.0b4 (OS X, Windows)

21 hours ago | Posted in: software, Apple

It used to be that free trumped everything, especially when that free was something built by Apple or Microsoft. When literally every Mac or Windows user has a particular type of software provided right there with their computer, it used to be that rivals simply died. Now we seem more open to persuasion, or at least to considering alternatives, and for some people Postbox 4 is going to be so ideal they'll wish they bought it two versions ago.



OWC tears down new Retina iMac, few substantive differences found

21 hours ago | Posted in: Apple

Accessory purveyor OWC has unboxed and torn down the new 2015 Retina iMac. In a blog post, the company has noted that the new model has retained the 2-lane PCI-e SSD upgrade slot "whether ordered with a SSD or not," can take 32GB of RAM. Additionally, the 3.3GHz model uses a Radeon R9 M290 GPU, versus the M290X in the faster models.



Amazon adds local stores to one-hour Prime Now delivery service

22 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone apps

Amazon is making its Prime Now one-hour delivery service more attractive to its users, by offering products from local businesses. The new addition, initially taking place in a limited number of areas in Manhattan, will provide groceries, prepared meals, and baked goods from stores, bakeries, and food sellers in the area, alongside its existing selection of products it ships from its own warehouse.


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Game Replay: Christopher Lloyd in Lego Dimensions, Xbox TV tuner

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: gaming

Welcome to the Game Replay, the twice-weekly post where MacNN and Electronista writes about some of the major stores in the wider world of gaming that developed over the last few days. In today's edition, more characters invade Lego Dimensions, the digital TV tuner for Xbox One goes on sale in the US and Canada, and a request for cheaters to apologize on YouTube in order to reinstate their banned accounts.


Pointers: Mastering the OS X Dock

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: education, troubleshooting, Apple

The Dock is one of the many features of OS X that is taken for granted -- and often underutilized. Sure, a fair number of users eventually figure out that the can take things off the dock -- usually by accident, resulting in some considerable alarm -- but it has come to our attention that shockingly few users really leverage the Dock as Apple intended. In this installment of Pointers, we'll go over some of the "hidden" powers of the Dock that turn it into a real productivity tool.


Daily Deals: Lenovo G50, Logitech UE Boom, Sony Action Camera

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: computers, gaming, peripherals, gadgets, software, accessories, audio, mobile phones, Apple

Welcome to Daily Deals, where the staff of MacNN and Electronista scour online retailers for sales, bundles, discounts, and offers on hardware, software, and gadgetry for you, the discerning reader. A recap of still-active deals follows the new batch, which includes $300 off a Lenovo notebook, the Logitech UE Boom speaker, and the Sony AS30 HD Action Camera


Spotify adds videos, podcasts, running mode to music service

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: audio, iPhone apps

Spotify is expanding its service from purely streaming music into other areas, the company revealed at a press launch. Among other updates, Spotify is going to be bringing its long-rumored video service to its users, and following Deezer's recent addition to its own service, it will give listeners the chance to catch up on podcasts, with Spotify slowly turning itself into a one-stop shop for streaming content.


Hands On: Awesomenauts (cross-platform)

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: gaming, software

Ah, the humble multiplayer online battle arena, or as it's colloquially known, the MOBA. We're not sure if there is a more misunderstood genre. This community-heavy, no-holds-barred, multiplayer brawl is almost unanimously love it or hate it, with very few people in between. Today, we took a look at a rather unusual MOBA, known as Awesomenauts, to see where it stacks up against other big-name games.


Briefly: Apple renews TomTom maps, Apple Pay expansions

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: iPhone apps, Apple

TomTom, the Dutch mapping data company that has been one of the key partners in Apple Maps since day one, will continue to supply the iPhone maker with geographic and street-level data, despite rumors of a wholly revamped Maps service in the works. TomTom is one of several partners Apple uses to collect location data for Maps, but has been one of the most important, even as Apple has spent much of the last three years acquiring other GPS-related companies.


HTTPS-protected connections at risk from 'Logjam' cryptographic attack

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in:

Security researchers have uncovered a new threat that can leave HTTPS-protected connections at risk. The vulnerability, named by the researchers as "Logjam," is an flaw that affects the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, a cryptographic algorithm that protocols such as HTTPS, SSH, SMTPS, and others use to negotiate secure connections between the server and the browser on the end user's computer.


Child advocacy groups complain about inappropriate YouTube Kids videos

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: iPhone apps

Google has come under fire again for its YouTube Kids app, this time for offering more serious unsuitable content to children. The Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC) and the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) have complained to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about content on the video streaming service that the organizations deem unsuitable for viewing, including expletives, pedophilia references, and other mature content.


Review: Notti smart lamp from Witti

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: iPod, peripherals, gadgets

Perhaps you've already seen our review of the Dotti LED display from Witti Design. Meet Notti, Dotti's "sibling". Notti is a softball sized, asymmetric crystalline shaped, opaque white smart lamp that can glow any color. Much like Dotti, the lamp can integrate through an iOS or Android app and provide colored notifications for the user's various services. It can also act as an audio visualizer, pulsing its light in any color in time with the music. We've spent a bit of time with Notti, and people react well to it when we show off the features, but there are a few things we wish it did a little better -- check out our review to see what they are.


Living With: iTunes

Wed May 20, 2015 | Posted in: software

I can see me doing this now, ripping a track off a CD of mine for the very first time. I was in my living room, it was Orinoco Flow by Enya and I was ripping it onto my PowerBook G3. Can't quite tell you when it was, can't even be sure that iTunes existed then, but I remember how peculiarly, deliciously weird it felt having that music continue playing after I took the CD out.



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    Perhaps you've already seen our review of the Dotti LED display from Witti Design. Meet Notti, Dotti's "sibling". Notti is a softb ...

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