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Russia's Internet czar plans to tax services provided by Apple, Google

A new advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to increase taxes stemming from US companies trading in the country, in an attempt to try and make it easier for local competitors to take on their American counterparts. German Klimenko, the country's Internet czar, is going after Apple, Google, and Microsoft just six weeks after taking the role, with the taxation plan expected to help raise revenue for the government at the same time as making services such as Yandex and Mail.ru more attractive to citizens.

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Belkin-driven iPhone screen protector installation service expanding

Previously launched in Japan, and soft-launched in the US, the Apple and Belkin screen protector installation program will continue its rollout US-wide starting today. The program, supporting only iPhone 6-series phones, uses an installation apparatus to insure what the companies call "an impeccable result that mirrors the look and feel of the native screen."

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Apple employees reportedly offered bribes for account credentials

Apple employees are often targets of hackers wanting to gain access to their company credentials, but it is claimed staff are being offered bribes to share their account details. According to a report, hackers are offering high prices for account passwords, with bribes to some staff exceeding $20,000, all in the name of acquiring precious internal information and data that could be sold online to interested parties for far higher figures.

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Giveaway: Win Star Wars on Blu-ray and your own BB-8 droid

The latest installment of Star Wars continues to ride high in the box office charts, but despite the series existing for quite a long time, there are some people watching The Force Awakens without having seen any of the earlier films. If you happen to be in this small group of people, or are a fan of the franchise, you might want to take part in the MacNN Deals giveaway to win yourself Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray as well as your own BB-8 droid.

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Munster: Apple could include VR accessories under MFi by 2018

Apple's work on virtual reality may be ready for public consumption as early as 2018, according to a well-known industry analyst. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray apparently believes Apple's various VR and augmented reality (AR) hires in recent times suggests Apple could make iOS more accommodating to the computing platform within a few years, and even introduce support for VR accessories under its Made For iPhone program.

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Adobe unveils Adobe Animate CC; updates Muse and Bridge CC as well

Late on Monday, Adobe announced that three of its web and image management programs had all received significant updates: Animate -- formerly known as Flash Professional, but now more of an HTML5 design program -- has been bumped up to Animate CC, a full member of the Creative Cloud family of apps, with many new changes. The company's Muse CC has also been updated to incorporate "responsive design" capabilities, and Bridge CC picks up photo downloader support under 10.11.x (El Capitan), automated cache management, and the ability to auto-stack panoramic and HDR images.

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Microsoft may end Office Support Professional prog

Microsoft appears to be either ending or seriously revamping its "Accredited Support Professional Program" for training on Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS it has offered at MacTech conferences since 2013. The program is not on offer at the upcoming MacTech tour, which begins on March 16 in San Francisco and includes a number of other cities. Microsoft has released a statement that it is "evaluating options for 2016, but don't have anything to share at this time." http://bit.ly/1KDz3MQ

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Office for Mac v15.18 released

Microsoft has issued an update for the Mac version of its productivity suite, Office 2016. The v15.18 update offers improvements for all of the included apps, such as bringing full screen support to Outlook and allowing Word to save PDF files to flash drives. In addition, a new selection pane has been added to PowerPoint and Excel for keeping track of objects, and shapes can now be added to OneNote notebook pages. The update is free for all users, but requires a Mac running OS X 10.10 or later and a valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription. http://bit.ly/1Q7pAzW


Apple to open new south Florida mall store

According to real estate trade papers in south Florida, Apple has signed a lease for a new retail space in Miami, at the forthcoming Brickell City Centre (yes, the UK spelling is used) open-air mall, which is set to open later this year. The center will feature a five-story shopping area, condominiums, a hotel and office buildings, along with a "climate ribbon" in the shopping area to keep visitors cool, eschewing traditional air conditioning. The exact location of the Apple Store within the plan is not yet clear, but the destination already boasts 75 confirmed stores. http://bit.ly/1Q7n7Wd

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Filemaker provides free custom app guide

FileMaker announced today the release of the first in a three-part series of free how-to guides that will lead teams through the process of building a custom app using the FileMaker Platform. FileMaker's new how-to guides provide a step-by-step process that starts with a planning cycle covering goals, requirements, functionality and usability, and run all the way through identifying user scenarios, defining requirements, addressing integration, providing security, and deployment of the final product. http://bit.ly/1o08wQh


OCZ Trion 150 SSD shifts to 15nm TLC NAND

SSD manufacturer OCZ has updated its entry-level 2.5-inch Trion 100 SSD. The new Trion 150 has similar performance to the now replaced model, and now utilizes 15nm TLC NAND. Sequential read speeds top out at 550MB/S, with 4KB random write speeds running from 25K IOPS in the 120GB model, to 64K IOPS in the 960GB version of the drive. Endurance is limited to 30TB in the 120GB, and peaks at 240TB in the 960GB version. Retail prices vary between $46 for 120GB, to $270 for the 960GB version. http://bit.ly/1nVmlyL


Google off the hook in CAPTCHA labor suit

US District Jacqueline Scott Corley has dismissed a proposed class-action suit against Google, that alleged that Google secretly was given an economic gain without user knowledge. The suit alleged, correctly, that the second word in Google's CAPTCHA service was used as a crowd-sourced word identification for Google's book-scanning project. The judge ruled that the suit as filed had no facts to support a "reasonable consumer would expect to receive compensation" for the seconds it took to complete the form, and in addition, the free Gmail account provided more than offset any labor penalty incurred by the user. http://bit.ly/1o06Cir


Secure your Google accounts today

Google is offering 2GB of Google Drive storage today for free, if users check the security of their accounts. As part of Safer Internet Day 2016, the scheme will give the 2GB storage extension to anyone going through the Google Security Checkup, examining connected devices, permissions, and other security settings associated with their Google account.