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Apple Pay, other services, not able to add new Visa card to wallet

Starting early this morning, Apple Pay users have been experiencing problems adding Visa cards to the wallet. The issue is limited to addition of new Visa Debut or Credit cards only, and is not impacting payments with existing Visa cards, or addition and use of competing company cards.

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Bluetooth SIG delivers new Internet Gateway IoT connectivity protocol

The Bluetooth standard governing body, Bluetooth SIG, has introduced a new architecture and supporting set of educational tools that enables developers to quickly create Internet gateways for Bluetooth products. The new Bluetooth gateways allow any Bluetooth sensor to send and receive data to the cloud allowing for potential "Internet of Things" functionality such as the ability to monitor and control fixed Bluetooth sensors from a remote location.

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The Big Deal: The multipurpose Beyond Ink Pen for $49

Alongside our regular MacNN Deals and Daily Deal lists, we occasionally find items that are interesting enough to have their own Big Deals post. Today's selection is the Beyond Ink Pen from our own MacNN Deals store, a writing tool that has far more technological functionality than a typical ball point pen usually offers.

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Vulnerability in Sparkle update framework puts Mac apps at risk

A framework used by developers to perform software updates in Mac apps has potentially put the users of some popular tools at risk, via a recently discovered flaw. A vulnerability in the Sparkle framework makes apps including Camtasia, uTorrent, and Sequel Pro susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, which could lead to the installation of malicious code on the Mac desktop, all without the knowledge of the user.

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Living with: Due 2.2

It feels wrong using more than one To Do app: it's actually against the ideas of Getting Things Done. That's for a good reason, too, as when you have what it calls one "trusted system," you always know when you're done. If you have two, you have to keep checking two; and good luck deciding what goes in what. Yet, that's what we're doing now, and it's because of Due 2.2. You can think of Due as a basic, but loud, To Do app. Its function is to make sure you do something when it has to be done. So if I've got a phone call to make at a certain time, I'll put it in Due instead of OmniFocus.

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Game Replay: Mad Catz reveals job cuts, blames poor Rock Band sales

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, Rock Band 4 hardware sales prompt job cuts at peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz, Final Fantasy IX quietly ships on mobile devices, Firewatch arrives on Mac and PC, and Rocket League finally reaches the Xbox One.

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Google starting phase-out of Flash ads

Search engine and advertising giant Google will shortly no longer accept Adobe Flash-created ads for its AdWords network. Starting June 30, ads in the once-ubiquitous format will no longer be accepted. Additionally, after January 2, 2017, the network will no longer serve Flash-based advertisements, and the network will be completely HTML 5 based. http://bit.ly/1PNx1uc


Sonos now works with Apple Music

Wireless music system manufacturer Sonos has announced that its systems worldwide will gain compatibility for streaming the paid Apple Music subscription service starting today, February 10. "Music fans worldwide will have access to Apple Music features like For You, New, Radio, and My Music, and will also be able to stream the entire Apple Music catalog through Sonos smart speakers tuned for great sound in every room of their homes," the company said in an email to journalists. Apple Music's streaming service costs $10 per month, with a free three-month trial. http://bit.ly/1Wdi2Ko

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Apple want ads hint at future Watch faces

An Apple job listing for a dedicated clock face team may suggest future fashion-brand partnerships, possibly in time for the updated watchOS updates that are likely to be revealed at this spring's Worldwide Developer Conference. Since the introduction of watchOS 2, there has only been four new watch faces, but three of them were left over from the first release, with only one truly new one -- the co-branded Hermés face exclusive to that edition. There is a rumored March 15 event, but if that takes place it will likely focus on new band options as regards the Apple Watch. http://apple.co/1O1TbTI

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Microsoft may end Office Support Professional prog

Microsoft appears to be either ending or seriously revamping its "Accredited Support Professional Program" for training on Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS it has offered at MacTech conferences since 2013. The program is not on offer at the upcoming MacTech tour, which begins on March 16 in San Francisco and includes a number of other cities. Microsoft has released a statement that it is "evaluating options for 2016, but don't have anything to share at this time." http://bit.ly/1KDz3MQ

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Office for Mac v15.18 released

Microsoft has issued an update for the Mac version of its productivity suite, Office 2016. The v15.18 update offers improvements for all of the included apps, such as bringing full screen support to Outlook and allowing Word to save PDF files to flash drives. In addition, a new selection pane has been added to PowerPoint and Excel for keeping track of objects, and shapes can now be added to OneNote notebook pages. The update is free for all users, but requires a Mac running OS X 10.10 or later and a valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription. http://bit.ly/1Q7pAzW


Apple to open new south Florida mall store

According to real estate trade papers in south Florida, Apple has signed a lease for a new retail space in Miami, at the forthcoming Brickell City Centre (yes, the UK spelling is used) open-air mall, which is set to open later this year. The center will feature a five-story shopping area, condominiums, a hotel and office buildings, along with a "climate ribbon" in the shopping area to keep visitors cool, eschewing traditional air conditioning. The exact location of the Apple Store within the plan is not yet clear, but the destination already boasts 75 confirmed stores. http://bit.ly/1Q7n7Wd

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Filemaker provides free custom app guide

FileMaker announced today the release of the first in a three-part series of free how-to guides that will lead teams through the process of building a custom app using the FileMaker Platform. FileMaker's new how-to guides provide a step-by-step process that starts with a planning cycle covering goals, requirements, functionality and usability, and run all the way through identifying user scenarios, defining requirements, addressing integration, providing security, and deployment of the final product. http://bit.ly/1o08wQh