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Hands On: Wild Weather 1.5 (iOS)

The default weather app on the iPhone is useful, but a bit bland, and the default weather app on the iPad is... well, it doesn't exist. Sure, you could snag some big-name weather app, or one that includes interactive maps and real time weather updates, or you could get an app that is simple, stylish, and cool. If you're interested in the cooler option, allow us to tell you about Wild Weather.

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MacNN Deals: Four more accessories for charging your devices

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. While we showed off some power-related accessories on Friday, there's a lot more of them in the store than just those four, so today's collection is made up of some of the more unusual battery and power accessories available to purchase.

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Apple GPU supplier Imagination Technologies cuts costs, sacks CEO

Apple GPU supplier Imagination Technologies has reported that it will report a second business year of losses in April. Additionally, partially in response to the terrible results, the company has fired CEO Hossein Yassaie, and will divest itself of its unprofitable music line, Pure.

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Apple reportedly close to receiving Apple Store approval in India

Apple is apparently getting closer to launching its first retail stores in India, with the government reportedly preparing to fast-track the company's application. A source of a report claims Apple will be able to bypass a number of regulations that typically prevent foreign entities from setting up stores to sell their own products, with Apple deemed a "provider of cutting-edge technology" and is being given preferential treatment.

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Hands On: Tweetings for Twitter 2.18.3 (iPhone)

Twitter is awesome, and so is the official Twitter app. We've had no real complaints about it in the years that we've used it, though that doesn't mean we're not open to alternatives. Today, we check out Tweetings for Twitter, an app that attempts to add some upgrades to your Twitter experience.

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Logitech Group videoconferencing system aimed at medium-sized groups

Logitech is attempting to take on the videoconferencing market, by launching a new conferencing system aimed at mid-to-large size groups and meeting rooms. The Logitech Group follows on from the CC3000e in the ConferenceCam range, offering the ability to hold a conference call with a group of up to 14 people locally, though this can be extended to a total of 20 people by the use of an optional expansion microphone.

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Apple Music in Taiwan, now up to 113 countries

Apple Music has now added its 113th country, Taiwan, to its expanding list of areas where it offers its paid subscription service. The price in the country will start at NT$150 (about $4.50 US) for an individual subscription, and that now includes (as it does in the rest of the world) the formerly free-but-ad-supported iTunes Radio feature, which as in other countries will be customized somewhat to offer channels of locally-popular music styles. Following on the heels of the addition of the service to Turkey, Apple Music is now available in 16 countries and regions -- including China, India, Russia, and Japan -- where Spotify has not yet arrived. http://apple.co/1Q3yI2e

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Invisible wall mount for iPad Pro, mini

Computing hardware mounting company Wall-Smart has announced the availability the new "invisible" wall mount, with models for the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 -- all with no bezel. The invisible mount includes ­Power Over Ethernet to USB, which allows charging while in-wall, and is available for both drywall and solid surfaces such as solid wood panels or partition walls. Prices vary widely by iPad model, and required mounting hardware. http://bit.ly/1SE5jCO


Kingston buys IronKey secure USB tech

Kingston Digital today announced it has acquired the USB technology and assets of IronKey from Imation. In addition to Kingston's acquisition, encryption services leader DataLocker has purchased the IronKey Enterprise Management Services platform which provides centralized management to encrypted USB drives. Kingston and DataLocker claim that there will be no interruption in service provided, or available products as a result of the consolidations. http://bit.ly/1QQk9SZ


View-Master VR device in Apple Store

Apple has started to sell a Google Cardboard-style VR headset modeled on a classic Mattel toy. Initially launched early last year, the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack for $30 is designed to use an iPhone as a display, with a Preview Reel and lever system mimicking the toy's switching between images to take users between different VR apps and scenes. http://bit.ly/1RhJW8y


Apple brings iTunes Movie Trailers app to Canada

After five years, Apple has expanded its iTunes Movie Trailers app for iOS to Canada. As of Saturday, the free app allows movie buffs to see HD movie trailers for new studio and independent features, and explore some other movie-related extras such as photos, behind-the-scenes footage, or clips from upcoming films. Users can save trailers for quick access, read reviews from RottenTomatoes.com within the app, use AirPlay to send them to an Apple TV, share trailers, and peruse the top movie charts. http://apple.co/1UUKtwr

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Apple expands CloudKit API, provides web interface

On Friday, Apple notified developers that it was expanding a feature of CloudKit to allow for server-to-server web service requests. "In addition to providing a web interface for users to access the same data as your app, you can now easily read and write to the CloudKit public database from a server-side process or script with a server-to-server key," Apple said in its announcement. Previously, interaction with the CloudKit public database was limited to apps and web only. http://apple.co/20h1RwP

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Remote S for Tesla Apple Watch app drives car out

Developer Allen Wong has created the Remote S for Tesla app, which can be used to remotely activate the Model S electric car via an Apple Watch, and drive it a short distance. Aside from providing data about the car and some basic function controls, the unofficial app uses the manufacturer's Summon command to allow the car to turn on, exit the garage, and park near to the user's location. The app is available to purchase from the App Store for $10. http://apple.co/1PprF4t